Are you having difficulty reaching your target market? Are you using some communication tools, yet your target market cannot hear you? Then, there is a communication problem and like all communication problems, this can be resolved.

Because communication is at the heart of all human relationships, it must be taken seriously in building product image and relationships with customers. The company must ask: What do I want to say? To whom do I want to say it? How do I want to say what I want to say? And what results do I want to achieve with what I want to say? Most communication problems arise from either a poor understanding of the receiver of the communication or use of wrong communication channel or communication technique.

Understanding the receiver requires consumer and market analysis as well as market segmentation. Using the right communication channel and communication technique requires a good understanding and use of the different forms of marketing communication. Some marketing specialists have classified marketing communication as impersonal or personal. While impersonal communication involves the use of advertising, promotion, point-of-sale displays, public relations, personal communication usually takes the form of face-to-face meetings mostly done by the sales team. The company must find out what communication strategies work for existing and potential customers.

In choosing the appropriate communication method or combination of methods, it’s important to think of the peculiarities of the audience and the most cost-effective solution for reaching them in line with company’s communication and corporate objectives. In addition, each communication should be carefully planned. For example, in planning for advertising, some objectives to keep in mind may include: to convey information, to alter perceptions, to change attitudes, to create desire, to establish connections, to direct actions, to provide reassurance, to remind, to give reasons for buying, etc.

It’s important to set out who the target audience is and what their perceptions of the product are, what you want to make them feel and do, how the company will achieve that, anticipated results against which actual performance will be measured, and most importantly proposed and available budget. With these plans in place, some difficulties encountered in reaching the target market can be resolved.