In driving a business, nothing reinforces the objectives of your company like a vision and mission that reflects exactly why the company was created. Many times, these two concepts are easily mistaken.  A lot of people do not truly understand the difference between these two terms. While they are ultimately what drives the company’s operations, they are unique concepts that should be properly understood.

Mission – In a nutshell, a company’s mission explains why the company is in existence and why it operates the way it does. It is what the company currently does and what it seeks to do, the audience it serves and how exactly it serves them. 

Vision – A vision is futuristic in nature. It is what the company seeks to become and it tells exactly what the company wants to achieve in  a specified period of time. It tells what plans the company has for its future.

Having clear, simple and concise vision and mission statements are very important. Firstly, it helps the company to know exactly what its ultimate goal is. It also helps the team understand the company’s drive and key into all the company sets to become. These two elements give the team an idea into how to leverage their skills to achieve the company’s aims. Lastly, it gives customers and investors a sense of guidance, letting them know exactly the unique value your company offers them. 

Developing a business mission and vision provides your business with the focus around which your organisation’s plans hinge.