Johnbosco is a Nigerian National with a great deal of experience spanning multiple industries. He has spent time working for Globacom Limited, a Telecoms Multinational in Nigeria and Ghana. Earlier, he worked at an Energy Company, and now he has co-founded Shodrex Technology, an Internet Company. Some of his specialties include Business Building, Software Engineering, Business Transformation, and Technology Advisory for new startups or subsidiaries. He has experience in industries spanning from E-commerce, Finance, Technology, Business Development, and Futuristic Sofware.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m currently the Co-founder and CEO of Shodrex Technology. I also have a First-class Bachelors’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I love writing software codes and enjoy reading books that trigger my inquisitiveness about business, the future, and tech. I love sports too especially playing football. Additionally, I love seeing series movies during my spare time. My work experience includes a Data Engineer Role at Globacom Limited, a multinational telecoms company, and earlier I.T manager and Sofware Engineer at other Companies prior to founding Shodrex.

What made you to choose your specialization in Business Technology?

Gone are the days when starting a business requires much cost, technicality, and constant physical presence. Technology has improved the way we run businesses today, and also brought great efficiency, and connectivity to the global economy. With technology, we could operate a business with our smartphones and even conduct business transactions from any location in the world. Technology is advancing every day, so we need to make sure to upgrade our business technology from time to time. One important technology for business today is the internet, and this breakthrough has created more than 50 trillion dollars worth of companies.

Why did you choose to register as a business technology consultant on Kleos Africa?

I chose to support as a business technology consultant on Kleos Africa for a couple of different reasons. Glory Enyinaya, founder at Kleos referred my company, Shodrex, to Faster Capital after we first got in contact via social media. I believe in sharing knowledge and expertise to starting entrepreneurs and companies, this is the only way we can all support the growth of businesses in Africa and impact the Global Economy. This platform will give me the opportunity to share my experiences, and also learn more about other companies in the market with inclusive aims for connectivity.

What is a Business Technology?

A business technology refers to the application of science, software, and data technologies in effectively running a business. Successful businesses rely heavily on technology for communication, and productivity. Technology can help you start a business in minutes, find new customers, perform multi-transactions, keep employees happy, and process accounting data.

Why are Business Technologies important?

Business Technologies are integral to the effective operation of any modern-day business and entrepreneurs need to know about which technology is vital in enabling them run their business efficiently. By mapping a list of different elements and types of technologies that will yield better results and profits from your business, you will know the starting point of your business, cost of running it, and how you can generate revenue, and profits from your investments. The key goals of any business are to create tractions, generate revenue, and yield profits. Note that, not every technology will be an integral part in running your business. So, you need to learn and take advantage of the ones that will important in growing your business from the starting point where one plus one is two, to a point where one plus one can be one thousand or one million. 

What are the types of good Business Technologies?

Good business technologies must align with modern-day technologies in order to yield successful results. I will outline the most important types which are Internet, Computers, Software (Payment systems, and Accounting Software, etc)

1.     Internet – The internet is one of the breakthroughs for modern-day businesses. Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. That statement made much sense. I made this other statement in one my speeches, “In the future, it is not the big companies that will win, but the professionals and businesses who can use the internet very well”.

2.     Computers – Any machine that can be instructed to carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming is called a computer. Computers increase the profitability of any business and facilitate operational flexibility. Computers can take different forms such as desktops, laptops, iPad, mainframe servers, automation systems, etc.

3.     Software – Running businesses today without the use of software may not be efficient. So, it is important to take advantage of different sofware that would increase the productivity of the business. This includes: payment systems, accounting software, database, and web apps, etc.

What advice do you have for an entrepreneur who is considering Business Technologies?

I feel that any entrepreneur who is starting any business today should consider taking advantage of the latest technologies for operating a business. It is important to not run a business today with the expectation of efficient results without using the right technologies that will make it happen. Many people have innovative business ideas but might lack the technicality or knowledge needed to operate the business with modern technologies. If you find yourself in such category, my best advice is to seek the help of technologists and professionals who will provide the expertise needed to create productivity for your business.

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