Brief Bio

Dr. Martijn Driessen is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneur Scan. His company delivers a SaaS (software as a service) solution to entrepreneur coaches and small business support organizations worldwide. With their proven software, coaches and consultants help business owners grow personally and professionally. Because the firm’s person is the most important company’s asset, consultants should first start with the entrepreneur. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years now. I started my business services agency early, even before graduating from Hospitality Management School in the Netherlands. What struck me back then was that owner-managers didn’t have a clear view of their own entrepreneurial traits and skills. And that impacted their business greatly. 

I started researching this long-standing fact and obtained my Ph.D. in measuring and developing entrepreneurial skills. The E-Scan was born. What the DISC assessment is for corporate people, the E-Scan is to entrepreneurs.

My software company designs, develops, and delivers software as a service to entrepreneur coaches and enterprise support organizations worldwide. By now, over 1,000,000 (aspiring) entrepreneurs gained an instant and accurate insight with E-Scan.

Research shows: due to E-Scan and one-year coaching programs, survival rates went up to 89% after five years. The entrepreneurial mindset grew by 44,4% in just one year.

What made you choose your specialization in entrepreneurial mindset development?

To date, in the USA and EU, one in two business owners survive the first five years. In Africa and Asia, it is even less. So, how come some make it and the others don’t? That puzzled me and made me start researching this fact. 

There are a lot of entrepreneurs. Yet, owning a business doesn’t automatically make you entrepreneurial. Moreover, when I say the word ‘entrepreneur,’ a picture immediately pops-up in peoples’ minds. But what that picture consists of is hard to tell. 

On top of that, consultants, coaches, and teachers judge upon their image of an entrepreneur. But that is based on gut-feeling alone. They do great work in transferring knowledge on entrepreneurship but still too little to boost their clients’ and students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

What is E-Scan?

E-Scan is a data-driven online scan in which you can compare yourself with other entrepreneurs. You see graphically and textually how you score on essential competencies as an entrepreneur and what type of entrepreneur you are. 

Together with your entrepreneur coach, you can develop a strategy that perfectly matches your company’s phase and what you still lack to complement. Finally, you will receive personalized tips and advice and advice and improve your skills based on the innovative Smart Goals Wizard and Confrontation Tool. 

There is also an additional E-Scan Team Analysis for startups and founder teams that indicates precisely how strong the entrepreneurial team is and what the blind spots are. Together with your Kleos E-Scan Coach, you design a strategy to secure your company’s future. 

Why did you choose to work together with Kleos Africa?

Glory Enyinnaya is the founder and creator of Kleos Africa and one of the few business consultants who understand the importance of coaching the entrepreneur behind their entrepreneurial venture. That’s why we have formed a strategic partnership to foster Nigerian (aspiring) entrepreneurs.

Do you want to evaluate your stand as an entrepreneur? Then, assess your entrepreneurial traits by taking the Entrepreneur Scan on Kleos Africa today.