Miracle is a Nigerian with a great deal of experience in the construction, design, marketing, and management industries. Her work and close affiliations with top engineering companies in Nigeria have earned her a seat on several platforms of progress and change within the country and abroad. She is also highly skilled in project and operations management design, drafting, cost estimation and presentations, marketing strategy, and digital marketing.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a Civil Engineering Graduate from Covenant University, Nigeria and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in the prestigious Federal University of Lagos, one of the best Universities in Nigeria. During my undergraduate study, I colourfully graduated as the best female student in Highway and Transportation Engineering while serving as the welfare officer for one of the highly respected societies in the school.

What made you choose your specialization in Civil Engineering?

I have always had an ardent desire and passion for development, particularly in the environment. What always intrigued me was the fact that something so grand and serviceable could come out of nothing, turning small villages and cities into megacities with tall buildings, fascinating road networks, and water structures. As Civil Engineers, we start with building small communities to building the world.

Why did you choose to register as a business plan consultant on Kleos Africa?

I got to know about Kleos Africa from colleagues and friends and noted how impactful it had been in their lives both as consultants and clients. But after an impressive interaction with the CEO and founder, Glory Enyinnaya I immediately knew it was worth all the admiration and I needed to join in. The platform allows me to share my expertise and apply my knowledge to companies in a market that I previously had limited access to, but I also hope to learn more about African culture from the companies with which I am able to connect and work.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media channels to interact with your audience to grow your brand, improve sales, and drive website traffic. The Social Media Marketer connects and engages prospective consumers on social media with a solid social media strategy and the ability to generate compelling content.

Why are Social media marketers important?

In this ever-evolving and growing global market, where about 59% of the world’s population are online users, social media has evolved into the most prominent and significant virtual environment. The platform is not only utilized for social networking but is also an excellent tool to digitally advertise your business and products allowing you to reach a huge number of people within seconds of placing an ad, lowering your expenses, and increasing the reach of your adverts to your target demographic.

On this platform you have the opportunity to;

  1. Grow and customize your audience on a smaller budget.
  2. Maintain top-of-mind awareness with the people who matter the most and increase brand awareness.
  3. Learn about your competitors.
  4. Interact and tell your story, and build relationships.
  5. Promote products and services and learn the buying patterns of your ideal customers.

What are the elements of good Social Media Marketing?

There are so many important elements of social media marketing. From my experience, I recognise that content strategy and creativity are of utmost importance.

  • Content Strategy:

Though regular updates are essential, there is a delicate line between active participation and spam. A business is all about generating value, and this also applies to social media. Social media should be driven by content, not the other way around.

Begin with a thorough understanding of the platforms that your ideal/potential consumers utilize, and then devise a plan for gaining their involvement. Remember that your company’s social media platform is an extension of the firm and each post should be Visual, Emotional, and Useful.

  • Creativity:

Many individuals believe that a brand is high-quality and worthy of their attention simply because they are impressed by the effort that went into producing creative advertisements and posts. It appears that being compelling is the greatest way to stand out amidst the advertising “noise” and the most intriguing posts are those that are innovative in order to capture and hold your audience’s attention. The others simply vanish into the infinite abyss that is the internet!

What advice do you have for an entrepreneur who is considering creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

I understand that entering the broad world of social media may be intimidating for any business, leaving you with more questions than answers: What is a Facebook algorithm? There’s a character limit on Twitter posts? Can I post more than pictures on Instagram? What in the world is Snapchat? In terms of content ideas and campaign methods and strategies, a social media expert can really give you an edge with access to a whole suite of paid tools that will definitely benefit your business with post scheduling, reporting, and analytics, among other things.

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