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Consultant of the Week: Timi

BRIEF BIO  Timilehin is a Nigerian National with a great deal of experience spanning the Financial services Industry. Some of her specialties include Business Strategy, Budgeting & Financial Planning, and Marketing/Communication. She has experience in industries spanning from Finance, Technology, Light Manufacturing, Education and HealthCare.  Tell us a bit about yourself  I am a recent..

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The term ‘’business model’’ refers to your secret sauce for creating, delivering and capturing value. Writers such as Alexander Osterwalder popularized the concept of business model generation in the past decade through their books and concepts. Essentially, your business model is about how you make money or more technically, your revenue streams and cost structures...

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Consultant of the Week: Jude

BRIEF BIO Jude is a Nigerian whose experience in Human Resource Management (HRM) is multifaceted. His paid employment and consultancy experience in HRM cuts across industries like education management, pharmaceutical and FMCG, IT/AI, media, construction, banking, agro-allied services, recreation and tourism as well as a couple of others tied to ongoing consulting projects. His areas..

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Develop a Business Mission and Vision

In driving a business, nothing reinforces the objectives of your company like a vision and mission that reflects exactly why the company was created. Many times, these two concepts are easily mistaken.  A lot of people do not truly understand the difference between these two terms. While they are ultimately what drives the company’s operations,..

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