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Valuing your company

Valuation involves estimating the worth or price of a company. Different industries use different methods to determine this value. Some industries use complicated quantitative models, while others use relatively simple approaches. Regardless of the methodology used, however, the valuation of a business incorporates not only a financial analysis of the company, but also a subjective..

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Leverage technology for greater efficiency

Today, every business is a technology business. Whether you have a one-person consulting company or a 50-person manufacturing firm, every business must use technology and use it well. But managing technology can be overwhelming to a small business owner. This article helps you concentrate on the most impactful ways to spend your time with technology...

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How well do you know your Product?

If you find that your marketing and promotional strategies are not working or achieving desired results, then maybe it’s time to go back to the board. Malcolm McDonald, a marketing academic, said that “the other half of the marketing audit, having considered whom we sell to, is what we sell to them.” An effective marketing..

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How well do you know your Customer?

You have a good marketing plan. You have a strong strategy team. Your marketing department is devoting a lot of resources to the company’s marketing activities. However, you do not see the impact of these activities on sales. Or maybe, there’s impact but not as much as you had expected. This is no one-size-fits-all solution,..

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